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KiD KARTEL's Interview With RTM

His aim is to be The Best New Artist. Coming from the silent City (Suffolk) from the ashes of the group The Varsity Boyz emerges Kid Kartel. Out of nowhere Suffolk’s newest sensation attacked the internet from myspace, facebook to all the blog sites, fans begin to take an interest in Kartel. Now with the release of “Thanks 4 Nothing”, RTM caught up with MR. Kartel to discover why he recorded “Death of Virginia” (over Jay’s DOA Beat) in where he speaks on the Va Movement, Dout Gotcha, B Michelle, as well as explore his music industry perspective & The Future.

1. How did you come up with name Kid Kartel & what was the motivation that drove you to rap?

KARTEL: Honestly I don't even know, I have a list of Artist Names, Group Names & Brand Names and Kartel was a one of the names that was on that list, the "KiD" part came from my hood. Where I'm from your nickname is either "Young" or "Kid" and "Young Kartel" didn't fit me... (Laughs)

2. Being from Suffolk, how hard is it to get recognized and how supportive is the hip hop community in you city?

KARTEL: I tell everyone that I'm from "The Silent City". People tend to forget about Suffolk being a part of the 7 Cities. Everyone considers Suffolk to be the country, but where I'm from "Mahan & Church St." there is no corn fields or any of that. We are a city just like the other 6 surrounding. To me Suffolk reminds me of Portsmouth and I'm only 10mins up the road from Airline Blvd (Laughs) So because of the way Suffolk has been pushed to the back of the line the hip hop community is suffering tremendously. Like I say "The Best MC's Are the MC's You Don't See" and it's a lot of MC's in Suffolk that don't get out as much. Plus Suffolk is the BIGGEST City In 757 Check Your History (Laughs)

3. You seem a bit frustrated with The Va Movement on “Thanks 4 Nothing”, is that the meaning of the mixtape title & what is the root of your frustration?

KARTEL: "Thanks 4 nothing" has nothing to do with the state of VA MUSIC, Thanks 4 Nothing was a concept mixtape I developed in reflection of the many of people who doubted me. From my Mom, Sperm Donor & family, friends & the people who rated my music off things that I say that ARE TRUE but they feel offended. I will never bite my tongue on an opinion or song that I release. My intentions are not to start trouble but if we’ll being honest, the music in VA is suffering because of the lack of truth. I've had tons of arguments with Radio Personalities over certain things they say about VA Music. While other are scared to say what they really feel because they think if they go against someone in the industry or radio it would hurt their chances of getting radio play or exposure. I really don't care; they are humans like I'm human so I will never be afraid to speak my mind on any subject. VA is stuck in the mind set of "Competition" instead of "Completion" My Frustration comes from the "Hood Celebs" they were supposed to be schooling us to the game but they aren't really trying to school us because they scared of losing they spot in the top.... Honestly I’m tired of all the women who are bashing men that rap, I'm not a sexist at all. I feel women should be able to do ANYTHING a man can do. But when all you hear is Support Female Hip Hop, instead of Support Hip Hop... it gets irritating. Even though I'm a Man it's still just as hard as a woman who raps to get respect. Understand we live in a world that doesn’t really give respect period... So just like I earned the respect of the people, you have to do the same, and respect definitely doesn't come from Bashing Men. If you want men to respect you, Respect the Men... Stop The GENDER HIP HOP & Get Back To Making HIP HOP...

Your music should speak for it self... real talk. Observe in all my music I NEVER degraded Women, Called Them A B***h, H*e etc. NOTHING.... I uplift women and show mad respect. So If you gonna Bash Men... Make sure you BASH THE RIGHT ONE!!!

4. What are thoughts on the music review our staff gave you?

KARTEL: Actually every other site that's rated my mixtape I never got a low review like this one. My mixtape has been rated a VA CLASSIC, I've been label to some as VA Rookie Of The Year, Best New Artist Of VA... etc. never a "Lil Play" but it's cool, I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It only matters what I think about my music. Personal I think this mixtape I didn't try as hard as I could because I wanna keep people anticipated my next projects... (Laughs)

5. Now we must ask about the “DOVA” Death of Virginia is getting a lot attention since we posted it on, what made you record the song?

KARTEL: The day before Hov (Jay-z) dropped “D.O.A." I had the track before anyone. (I got connects) I took the beat and looped it. I listened to what his concept was and I knew it would be problems. So what he was saying about Auto-Tune.. I felt the same about VA MUSIC AS I SEE IT. It wasn't a record to Diss VA, but it was one of those "If the Shoe Fits Wear It"

6. On “DOVA” a couple names were thrown around, mainly Dout Gotcha(nice metaphor) & B Michele, Also you mentioned “Old Rappers” could you explain the lines, many listeners may take it as a Dis record?

KARTEL: Well it wasn't intended to be a diss, now if anybody I mention feels sensitive enough to consider certain lines a diss then maybe they should give up rap. I don't know Dout Gotcha, never met the man. I heard a few tracks but really don't care for his music, I hear tons of stories about dude but in all honesty ... I COULD CARE LESS... I don't see the difference from Dout then any of the other million rappers in the world. I mean let's be real. I'm not bashing him but just speaking the truth. But nowadays if you speaking the truth and people don't like it they consider you a hater... (Laughs) So the line that I mentioned him in "Ni**as swear they go hard or maybe Dout Gotcha" I can see how that would consider it a diss but it wasn't. Would it have made a difference if I said "Ni**as Swear They Go Hard, Naw Homie I Doubt Cha” His Name just happen to fit my writing format.. (Laughs)

The line about B. Michelle ... Never met shawty girl, I hear tons of stories, I don't think she is the best singer as some proclaim, I know a girl right now in Suffolk that could blow her out the box. What makes her more special than other females or males that can sing? I reached out to her once, and I got the brush off. Oh yeah I forgot I'M A NOBODY!!! But I was confused when they were telling me she was in Butta Creme before they got on... I was like WHAT THE f*** happened, why is she still around with us unsigned artist. But hey that her situation not mines... The line I mentioned her is was basically

"S*** So Funny As Hell, If You Getting Butta Creme Why Would You Wanna Be Michelle..."

My opinion was this.. If you really tryna get out of VA and start your professional career in mainstream, I would've took that deal with the group... even if it worked out or not, you can say I had a taste of mainstream and the experience of the industry. The performing and everything... I don't know if that sounds right but hey whatever..

I also make mentions about " I Rep New Virginia, The Old Virginia To Me Been Played Out" ... So of the people may feel offended by that, I'm being real about how I feel. The old VA is not working anymore, it's time for a NEW PLAN, and I’m pushing a movement of "Destroy & Rebuild". I feel the foundation of this house (VA) is crumbling underneath us... time to tear this old house down (VA) and rebuild our MANISON ... People say there would never be a "New VA" and I feel like they are part of the problem. We look at the movement in ATL or MIA, they rebuild, and they are successful in their movement. Until VA get that old mentality out there heads it would never be successful... Point Blank

7. Also on DOVA You mention “Hood Platinum” as not being your goal, but more a global goal, how do you feel about the actual company Hood Platinum Entertainment & wouldn’t a Mc have to Be Hood Platinum or at least have an impact on their area before global status is achieved or do you disagree?

KARTEL: I don't have a problem with anyone of Hood Platinum, they was one of the 1st labels that showed me love when I 1st started my Kartel Era, Me and Ceo P chop it up quite often. So they like a 2nd family to me. I don't think you have to be labeled as Hood Platinum to have an impact on your area. I would hate to be a Hood Celeb. I have seen plenty international careers that happen but that person didn't have Radio Play or Performed at open mics. Just look at Rihanna's Rise to Fame ...

8. You are just about everywhere on the internet and received a buzz very quickly, how do you plan on keeping up in such a competitive market?

KARTEL: I don't look at it as competition, that's why the VA Market is suffering now. I look at it like this .... I make GOOD MUSIC. I'm only concerned about what I put out and my fans reactions. Some may say "He Don't Perform, How Can People Get the Word about Him"... (Laughs) I even had a few words with Mz Parker. She mentioned "Who Are you, You A Nobody..." but this is the same person who wants support on the music she puts out... (laughs) Crazy Huh?

I'm like this, everyone isn't a performer... I haven't got to that point in my career where I'm performing a lot. I have fans that have been faithful to my music because it's relative and GOOD. Yeah you might can go perform at a club where 85% of the people in attendance has alcohol in there system so when you perform they might be rocking and giving you the feedback, but when your show is over ... who's to say they remember who you are... (laughs)

On the flip side, I have conversations with people and they have a one on one with me and they learn the stories behind my music and life, resulting in me gaining PERMANENT fans... So all of my permanent fans build up so when it's my time to perform I gotta a crowd of people who are there to see me, who knows my songs, and will remember me when they leave the show... so yeah she's right NOBODY KNOWS ME... Just A Bunch Of The Right Somebody's (Laughs)

I don't do this music thing to get rich quick, this is all I know how to do, and really I don't have a choice. I couldn’t s stop making music even if I wanted...

9. You also produce, which do you think is easier to do, produce or rap, & in which of the two does your true passion lie?

KARTEL: Both are easy for me it comes natural. I started producing and making beats first. Then I started rapping because the cat I was producing for dissed me after I finished his mixtape. He got with another group of guys and they all dissed me. I felt betrayed, so everyone where I'm from was waiting on my response. So one day I came to my cousin (who also was producing) and told him I wanted to try something new. I went in the closet and came out a MC...

My passion is in GOOD MUSIC... I don’t have a certain genre I could be placed in, every project I put out is so different from each other. One day I may be rapping, the next day I'm singing.. It’s so much you can do.... I don't consider myself a rapper; I'm a Concept Artist...

10. What are your future plans, what can fans look forward?

KARTEL: Well I'm about to launch my new brand "PowerHouse Inc." I'm building an army

I have another mixtape I'm working on called "ODM3" (On Demand Music 3) that's my series of exclusive mixtape material. No date has been set.
Also I have my album I'm about to start back working on called "...ORBIT" this is another concept album that I'm working on. It's more on a "Futuristic" vibe, I like trying new things and inventing new sounds.
My last Concept Album was "Misery Loves Company" and it got GREAT Reviews.
So I hope the rest of VA can keep up with the Music Quality ... (Laughs)

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Thanks 4 Nothing (Mixtape) ... StarFunk's Review

Review by StarFunk

*********Kid Kartel Thanks for nothing**********

This mixtape started out on the right foot. Hot beat good energetic lyrics and he didn't take me straight to the hood. Kid Kartel came on and let you know who he is and what he has to offer lyrically. Then he came with the 2nd song "I'm so fly I got you choking on my feathers"

he brought a sense of skills onto his mixtape. I could definitly see myself on a trip out of town banging this cd on i95. I would even keep it in while out of town to let the natives hear the skill Kid Kartel has to offer.

When I got to D.O.V.A ( Death of Virginia ) " they say we need unity but when the time come all I see is you and me" " I rep new virginia the old Virginia to me been played out". When I got to this part he threw me off. Is he killing VA? The people who will support him? Or is he just talking that ole gangsta shit? Whatever the case the Kid should know that he can't kill VA. And there will never be a new VA.


I would like to see a full original album from the "KID". But I ain't mad at you kid for flowing over the RnB beats to show "Versatility!"

The gripe I have with that is, too much RnB at the end of the project changes the mood of the mixtape and ultimatly the perception the fan has on that artist. Nah mean?

Kid Kartel broke the mold of just being a emcee always on edge but at the same time letting you know not that he will go those 9 yards. He was able to flow with the beats, form concepts, and deliver his own stlye. This was a little above average mixtape.

You're welcome Kid

THANKS 4 NOTHING (Mixtape) Released 7.26.2009