Friday, December 12, 2008

Summer On The Moon

I never felt this way before...

I mean to feel the exact same way I feel is unreal.

It's like a having a bad day, listening to your favorite song.

Your so busy grooving, you forgot that your boss at work just plucked your last nerve.

The way I feel is is just like knowing payday is 2morrow, and you worked a lot of overtime.

Your bills are all caught up so you can hit the mall and ball out for once.

The way I feel is just like getting your hair washed, having someones fingers massage your scalp.

The way I feel is like finally fighting that person that been fucking with you for so long.

And blackening they eye... Lol (that's mean but relieving)

They way I feel is like indescribable.
You couldn't feel the way I feel even if you brought the same lotion I put on.

Floating in the clouds while I'm drifting in space.

So when I say "Welcome 2 My World" I'm simply saying in a complex way that I'm like a unexplored planet.

Unpredictable, but intriguing for new comers.

I'm like a 2 step in the club, so smooth, not doing too much & something you can do it all night and not get tired... lol

Where I'm from I'm the best in the city, tell me what's higher then being number 1.

The girl you see me with, is nothing less then excellence, she ain't worried about who hating on her.

She do her own thing, while most still can't even re-trace he background

I feel like the only genius that got kicked out of highschool.

I probably could teach your teacher what she don't know.

The way I feel is confusing.

How can you feel better then your actually doing?

It feels like a Summer On The Moon...


It's funny when broke niggas consider they self fly in the wind.
Diddy said Vote or Die in 04' but I didn't vote until 08' tell me why didn't I die then... lol

It's funny how my Ex was fucking my relative.
But the thought of a grudge or revenge was irrelevant.

And speaking of irrelevant.
It's fucked how my Uncle been locked up for 16 year for a crime that the court can't display evidence.

It was funny when I was little I tried so hard to just fit in.
Until I realized my dreams were just too big for the niggas to fit in.

It's funny when I'm at work more than I'm at home.
Working so hard to pay for lights that I never cut on.

It's funny how "The Best Rapper Alive" Doesn't even rap... lol
And listening to "808's & Heartbreak" I think Kanye should go back to using samples.

It's funny just imagining how many Mexicans can fit in a Geo Metro.
But even funnier picture the interstates in Mexico.. Lol

It was funny when this older guy told me that the bristles of a brush are made from pigs hair... lol
So you better careful of who you let play in ya hair.

It's funny how black people can be late to work.
But watching the clock to get off.
Then again who you know watching the clock to go in... lol

It's fucked up, how my boss gets paid by the hour like all the other employees.
But he always leave early and get paid for the whole shift... damn

It's funny how women that club a lot can't never find a good man.
Even funnier when a girl says she doesn't club a lot, but if the weekend comes and you ask her what she doing.. "Getting Ready To Go To The Club With My Girls."
But the funniest things is when she blames it on her girls.. "They Begging Be Me To Go With Them"

Who decided to paint school buses "Yellow"... wow
That's the 1st color I ever learned.

It funny when the niggas that was driving to high school taught they was the shit.
But that faded fast because riding the bus was still better.. Lol (Bus 55... the good ol days)

It's funny how the bus drivers with the littlest voice always have the loudest bus of kids.
I know cause I was the loudest.

It's funny cause I just looked out the window and seen my boss leaving before his time... funny shit.

It's funny how every job has a annoying white guy that works with him.
And he always has a 1st & Last name that could be 2 first names.
My annoying white guy name is "John Lee" or is it "Lee John"... lol

It's funny how facebook was wack when I had it about 2 years ago...
But now it's better than Myspace... lol

It's funny how I was bored and Just needed something to do to kill time at work.
Thanks for reading I got clock out now...


iKartel... 2

Fake niggas is the reason I'm hateful.
Especially when ya family is so ungrateful.
Don't appreciate you, or all that you done.
That why I don't do favor, or ask for none.

Cause where I'm from the streets like ya family.
And ya family treat you like a nigga off the street.
I never quite understood how that go.
Family ain't shit, yeah I know, I know.

Sounds a little absurd, he must be disturb.
Cause you can hear a little attitude in his words.
Fucked up how my own Mom, wanna see me fail.
Cause her life fucked up and she old as hell.

My lil sister she stuck wit 2 kids.
Her attitude the reason I don't help her wit shit.
The fucked up thing is.
You go all out ya way, and they can't even say thank you.

Reason why I'm so heartless.
Cause niggas taking advantage of you if start it.
Don't get me wrong I'm still a nice dude too.
The worlds fucked up when family tryna use you.

I use to wanna be the reason why we succeeded in my in life.
But they all for they self, they done proved that twice.
Main reason why I couldn't keep a girl friend.
Cause when they meet my family, its like see a circus.

Cold hearted, maybe I should chill out.
They breaking my ♥, sometimes I wanna bring tears out.
But I don't cause it sucks to cry.
My family phony and they love to lie.

Reason why I had my whole name changed.
So my future won't go through the same thing.
I been through, looking at all the shit I been through.
And still niggas acting like my ain't suspenseful.... iKartel

.:Mrs. Kartel:.

Sometimes she's there when I wake up.
Sometimes she isn't.
Everyday we text she even in my Fav 5.
I wonder if she know she IS my Fav 5.
See she ain't like you other chicks.
That dress all cute with a attitude like shit.
Your most glamorous day is only 1 second to the way she looks when she's sleep with her hair scarf on.
She old fashion with her "Own Fashion".
She got my back and she put her self on the front line.
She defrost my icebox in no time.
It didn't take her long to figure out my strange & indifferent mind.
Something so simply complex that would've took you a lifetime.
She ain't worried about how many girls trying to get at me.
She ain't all in my phone checking my call history.
Now that's some shit that you would do.
If I got your number 1st question of the 1st conversation "How many girls do you talk to"
Damn... Insecurity is a mothafucka.
Fuck these sexy, cute, lustful on the outside mothafuckas.
Closed minded to the open mind of a real women interest.
Even if I schooled them, they would still get suspended.
So they just a blemish into my long chapter of fake shit.
Yeah don't get me wrong they bad, but what I wanna offer them, they can't take it.
So when "She" ask question about "Her" I say.
She is my best friend and the home to where my love stay.
She is the reason over a million of my thoughts make sense.
And since she has everything I ever needed I stop looking.
Bullied by love cause my ♥'s been tooken.
But even though we not together she know where I'm at.
So girl don't be mad, she just got something that you aint got.



I sit in sorrow, never making plan for tomorrow.
Cause where I'm from anybody can get a hollow.
Hate is at all time high.
So I live each day like i know that night I'm gon die.
Stress just a drug that put a nigga on the edge.
Peer pressure give a nigga a motive to jump the ledge.
More than half of my block behind bars.
Use to ride deep now ride all alone in the car.
One of my young niggas killed another young nigga.
Cause my block like a Jungle you could be some one dinner.
And my pops went to prison way before I turned 2.
Now tell me who the fuck I'm suppose to turn to.
Who gon take me barbershop, or show me how to ball.
And when it comes to sex tell me who I'm suppose to call.
I'll never say fuck my pops, but hard to give a fuck about my pops when he ain't show me he ever gave a fuck about me.
I'm writing my will cause I gotta feeling my life gon be short.
My oldest sister like girl, and my baby sister drinking & smoking Newports.
On top of that she gotta set of twins.
I know they not mine but they never seen they real daddy.
I'm all they know but I know I'm not they real daddy.
And my moms ain't even been the same.
2 divorces she been through 2 different last names.
See my moms too insecure.
Every man she ever get wit she swear he cheating on her.
But she nagged them so much they was like fuck it.
I feel sorry for her, but more them.
Cause when my pops came home I was 19. I was like WTF nigga shit I'm grown now.
I figured this street shit out on my own now.
Just think they name me after the nigga who didn't give a fuck.
Maybe that's why I ain't never gave a fuck.
So I decided to change my name to West.
Fuck following his foot step, I'm build my own rep.
Now my name ring more bells then his ever did.
Now my pops look up to me.
The main reason why I don't speak to him.
Cause I don't feel like speaking to him, cause the drugs he on speaking through him.
Main reason why he couldn't keep my momma happy.
Cause he was to caught on getting high, and downing his self.
So I told him I ain't want shit to do with him.
Don't call, don't come over, don't talk to me.
Where I'm from niggas fuck with me.
I'm in the hood, where I lay my head ain't luxury.
The world filled with girls that ain't bout shit.
Unless you a nigga that's about rich.
Then they treat you like you the shit.
But if you a nigga with no money then you ain't shit.
So I stay well grounded, ain't really on that fly shit.
I want a angel like lady, not a fly chick.
So many thought in my mind, me and my thought beefing.
So fuck the whole world for no reason.
I put my Sidekick on silent 29 missed calls.
56 texts maybe this world ain't bad after all... iKartel