Monday, November 30, 2009

Kid Kartel - Virginian Roulette

... One Of VA's Newest Rising Star, Kid Kartel Delivers Star Quality And Exclusive Talent. With The Success Of His Latest Mixtape "Thanks 4 Nothing" KiD Is Back And Better Than Ever. Set To Release A Highly Anticipated Follow Up Mixtape Entitled ... The Rookie Early 2010. He Is Definitely The Artist To Keep You Ears & Eyes Locked On. His Sound Is Refreshing As He Get's Personal On His Latest Freestyle "Virginian Roulette" (Rihanna's Russian Roulette) ... Hip Hop Is Making It's Return 2010 ...

KID KARTEL - Virginian Roulette .... ... Enjoy The New Music

Sunday, November 15, 2009 (Interview)

Where are you from?

I'm from Suffolk, VA (Downtown Suffolk)

How did you get your start?

I 1st started make beats for a couple friends that I chilled with, that were into freestyling or whatever and I took the interest in the placement of different sounds. Until one day the same friends put a diss track on me over some he said she said drama. So I put together my 1st studio set up at my cousin Ron's moms house and release my frustration in a small closet. I came out the closet a MC and the rest is history.

What's most important to you when creating your music?

I don't wanna give away my secret but I would say I try to make every song as real as possible. I believe the lies people live in music could come back and bite you in the butt. I also try to make music that's relative to the average joe. If everyone is in a recession there isn't a point to make "Baller Music". Instead I would make a record to show that person that money isn't everything. The gift of life is PRICELESS.

How would you describe your sound?

Umm everyone know me off my mixtape material. A lot of people think I'm angry or frustrated for some reason... LOL I'm a pretty laid back dude, I just hate fake shit. I'm more of the Timbaland or Neptunes type when it comes to original songs. I just use Mixtapes to display my lyrical ability. I'm not sure if people know but I'm a Producer / Recording Artist / Performer. A lot of people don't realize I produce & engineer all my own music. So if there's any awards show coming up don't be scared to nominate me as a Producer .. lol

What makes music important to you?

Music plays a HUGE Role In my life. If I wasn't doing music I could be wasting my time selling drugs, or even on drugs. Where I'm from the police look forward to lock "My Kind" up in a jail cell. Music keeps me from getting caught up in the streets. I'm from the streets but it's a difference from be caught up in the streets. Most people where I'm from still haven't figured out how to separate themselves from the negativity of the streets.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

Get a song played on the actual radio, even tho it was on a 9pm show but hey now I can say I was on the radio... lol (Shout Out To BB Desire)

You have a mixtape out, "Thanks 4 Nothing," tell us a little about it.

Thanks 4 Nothing was a mixtape I really put together to show my city, my doubters, my foes, my haters, and anyone who has ever said or wished bad or negative things on me... THANKS 4 NOTHING. The success of that mixtape prove them all wrong. I Also wanted to show everyone that you don't have to be in a gang or a drug dealer to make street music. You don't have to have a wrap sheet to make a name for yourself. You can be a success by just simply being yourself.

Tell us about any musical affiliations you have with other artists or labels.

Well I have my own brand that I've been carrying for the last year [Music Life group] (MLG). I also have a branched label [PowerHouse Inc..] that caters to the up & coming artist who I feel have the potential to become great artist but are still learning the fundamentals of song structure, content etc.

If you could only listen to ONE artist who would it be?

I really don't listen to actually people, I'm constantly listening to beats ever chance I get. But I'm currently listening to J. Cole - The Warm Up STILL ... I relate to homie a lot as far as his struggle to get out of the hood.

In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of hip hop?

My opinion, the most important aspect of hip hop is being able to have your listener paint a picture with your words. Music videos help but to actually be sitting home and listen to a song that has you in a daze where you can actually picture what the MC is going through .... It doesn't get any better than that.

What is one thing that we can always expect from a Kid Kartel track?

The 1st thing you can expect is the truth, I'm to grown to lie. I'm very opinionated, and a lot of people hate that. I feel like if I'ma tell a story I'm gonna tell it like it went down. Next you should expect to see a young artist grow and mature musically, expect history to be made.

You're planning to release a mixtape in 2010, what can we expect on this mixtape that's different form the last?

Yeah I'm preparing a mixtape entitled [The Rookie]. You can expect more Kartel, I can't really say what's different because it's not done, but the tracks I have already are SERIOUS. Like you have to be a hater not to like what I do. If they thought D.O.V.A. (Death Of Virginia) was SERIOUS, you have no IDEA !!! But I don't wanna get anyone hopes too high, but it's gonna get me a nomination !!!

What producers do you plan to work with in preparation for the release of your next mixtape?

I'm so use to producing myself because I know how I get when it come to recording. I take a million takes because I'm picky as hell. Reason why I invested in my own studio set up. But I hear about a lot of other producers but I'm too comfortable with my own production... Like they say if it ain't broke don't fix it...

If you could work with any artist out right now who would it be?

Umm i always wanted to get on a track with Pharrell or Timbaland. I would definitely get on a track with J. Cole, Wale & a few unheard Suffolk City artists.

When you're not doing music what can we find you doing?

Well I love to bowl, so you probably can find me at Western Branch AMF Bowling Alley Getting it in On Sundays because it's a dollar a game... lol Other than that I'm at my day job or in the studio. I really don't have a social life, all work no play.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna thank EVERYONE who downloaded my mixtape "Thanks 4 Nothing". I love everyone, even if you hate me that's just something I will continue to pray about for you.

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