Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thanks 4 Nothing (Mixtape) ... StarFunk's Review

Review by StarFunk

*********Kid Kartel Thanks for nothing**********

This mixtape started out on the right foot. Hot beat good energetic lyrics and he didn't take me straight to the hood. Kid Kartel came on and let you know who he is and what he has to offer lyrically. Then he came with the 2nd song "I'm so fly I got you choking on my feathers"

he brought a sense of skills onto his mixtape. I could definitly see myself on a trip out of town banging this cd on i95. I would even keep it in while out of town to let the natives hear the skill Kid Kartel has to offer.

When I got to D.O.V.A ( Death of Virginia ) " they say we need unity but when the time come all I see is you and me" " I rep new virginia the old Virginia to me been played out". When I got to this part he threw me off. Is he killing VA? The people who will support him? Or is he just talking that ole gangsta shit? Whatever the case the Kid should know that he can't kill VA. And there will never be a new VA.


I would like to see a full original album from the "KID". But I ain't mad at you kid for flowing over the RnB beats to show "Versatility!"

The gripe I have with that is, too much RnB at the end of the project changes the mood of the mixtape and ultimatly the perception the fan has on that artist. Nah mean?

Kid Kartel broke the mold of just being a emcee always on edge but at the same time letting you know not that he will go those 9 yards. He was able to flow with the beats, form concepts, and deliver his own stlye. This was a little above average mixtape.

You're welcome Kid

THANKS 4 NOTHING (Mixtape) Released 7.26.2009